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Risks Factors for Acquiring STD Everyone Must Know

There are several risk factors that lead to STD or sexually transmitted disease. Even someone who had been abstinent until marriage or someone who already had multiple sexual partners during his high school days can be affected. Here are the following risk factors that you should know and prevent when we talk about acquiring an STD.

Sex without protection

It cannot e stressed enough, but having sex without protection will only increase your chances of acquiring STD. Therefore, it is very important that you use condoms during sex. Even condoms do not 100% prevent STD but you can at least protect yourself by using condoms every time you engage in sexual intercourse with your partners.

Multiple sex partners

Having multiple sex partners can greatly increase your risk of having STD. You will never know if it was you or it was him who infected the virus until signs and symptoms start showing up. Therefore, you should limit your sexual partners if you wanted to decrease your risks of having STD.

Engaging in sex under 25 years old

Studies had already proven that STDs are more likely to affect young people than older people. Young women have smaller bodies and they are the one who experience tearing during sexual intercourse because their cervixes are not fully developed. The data shows that most of the people who had been infected with gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other infections are young men and women.

Aside from that, young couples who engage in sexual intercourse are most likely under the influence of alcohol, resulting in multiple sex partners.

Influence of alcohol

As what we’ve mentioned above, people who tend to have sexual intercourse over the influence of alcohol is not recommended. Social situations will always lead someone to have sex with someone she just met. Aside from that, it can be quite hard to tell and encourage them to wear condoms. And even if they do, once both of you are drunk, you cannot assure that the condom is properly worn.

Drug usage

Having sex in the influence of drugs can easily lead you into risky sexual behaviors. It can be very easy for you to agree that you have sex without using condoms or any other kinds of protection. Aside from that, unusual sexual behaviors are also observed for people who are under the influence of drugs.

Therefore, you should never engage yourself in any kinds of drugs especially when you are in social events because you will most likely have an intercourse with someone you don’t even know. And that someone can infect you with Hepatitis or HIV for all you know. Find an STD testing center near you if you want to get a local std test click here:

Educating yourself about risk factors is already a step in preventing STD. You need to ensure that you prevent the aforementioned STD risk factors and maintain your sexual health. There’s nothing wrong with engaging in sexual intercourse as long as both your mind and body is ready, and you properly use a form of protection unless you are married to the person and you’re planning to conceive.

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